Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Song 13"

I was going to write about the finished songs, but I've been working on "Song 13".  It's called that because that's what shows up on the recorder since it is not named yet.  I've got the guitar tracks done and I put down a bass line.  One of my buddies, a real bass player, is in town and will do the bass tracks.  He came over and was jamming with the song and I realized how bad of a bass player I am.  I can do the simple, ride the root, type of bass line.  I tend to forget how much a song improves with a 'real' bass player doing the track instead of me.  We should have the music finished and hopefully the other "S" of S Squared will have his words ready to do the vocals.  Then we can finally give the song a name.

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