Sunday, July 31, 2011


I haven't been blogging since a family member was in the hospital.  God has worked in our lives to bless us so on to the music.  Been busy mixing and doing test mixes before sending the final CD off to the printers.  Hopefully CD will be available by August 15th.  Here are the lyrics to Soldier.


We march to beat as soldiers against the gates of hell.
Warring to get past the enemy, Satan tries to kill.
Putting off chains of disgrace, feelings that we’re dead.
Loathsome fighters, here we go to crush the enemy’s head.

I want a double portion, I want to live.
Blessing those who are in need, help me to give.
Armor of Christ, Book of life
Words of truth will heal.

Loving those who hate God’s children takes a lot of strength.
Putting off the Devil’s attack makes a soul’s restrain.
Come on you worried soldier, don’t wait for the attack.
Binding up and casting out, we need to watch our back.


I want to be a faithful servant all my day.
Serving You in all my child like ways. (x2)


We march as soldiers fighting, battle day by day.
Go we with the saints before us, don’t get in our way.
Dreading road of circumstances, here we go again.
Soldiers we are determined, steadfast and win.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Led From Above lyrics

'Led From Above' was the last song written before the major mixing/mastering month.  I think we are just about ready to send to Discmakers and upload to CDbaby and iTunes.  Hopefully soon depending on fundage and what needs to be fixed around the house.  Have a great day.


We got to be bold and strong.
Worshiping all the day long.
Do you feel it in your heart?
Hold on to it or it comes apart.

Don’t be caught off guard
Listen to Him in your heart
Fill you up with His love
We are led from above

Life is only but a vapor
Here now and then your gone
Sometimes we are not safe
Not to have that love and faith


It’s always the same ol’ thing
Looking out after ourselves
Working hard for nothing
Try to make ourselves feel better. (x2)

Grace will have us all
Lift up your hands and He will call
Give thanks to God alone
Praising Him for what He’s done


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

'Running' Lyrics

Well, I've spend the better part of 3 days with headphones on and I'm down to one song to finish.  At least until, I get some other ears to listen to the mix masters.  I'm going to try to finish the last song tomorrow and get several different people to listen so I can make corrections, but till then here are today's lyrics.


Sometimes it’s hard to even, get out of bed
With all the problems rolling around in my head.

I’m running, running back to You.
It’s the only thing I want to do.
I’m running, running back to you.
My belief in Christ will get me through.

Letting go seems to be the hardest
With work, church, family life is tough.


I need Christ, the world need Christ, we all need Christ (x3)
Christ is Lord.


Please help me Jesus go another day
To be the example You have set.
Let me have love for my fellow man.
Show me that You’re not done with me yet.


Monday, July 11, 2011

'All The World Is Guilty' Lyrics

'All the World is Guilty' was our first song and now that the temp is down, I got some mixing done.  Next lyrics will be of 'Running'..
If all goes well, the mixing will be done by the end of the month and the CD released by the beginning of August.

There is none righteous
None who understands
None who seeks from God
All have turned aside

All the world is guilty
Will you be justified?
All the world is guilty.
That’s why Christ had died.

There is none who does good
Not even one
Throat is an open grave
They just lie.


All have sinned and fallen short from the grace of God.
We’re justified by the gift of grace through His cleansing blood.


Poison of snakes on their lips
Mouth full of bitterness
Path of peace they do not know
They have no fear of God.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Ride

I took a few days off as our AC went down and the music room was too hot with equipment running.  This actually gave me time away from the songs, so when I came back to work on them, I heard some things that needed changing.  The next song finished is 'The Ride'.  Here are the lyrics, enjoy.


God we need you now, like we never did before.
Too many times we go around constantly closing the door.
We have our hurts and hang ups, that much is true
And what we do with them is all up to you.

We don’t have to drag God along for the ride.
He is always right there, to be by our side.

If you have no place to run, remember He is “The Man”
Doing things we think are for him
Instead have Him lead you by, lead you by the hand.

You don’t have to live a life of total ugly despair.
Just call on His holy name, and He’ll  be there.
Look up for your redemption is near.
Open up to His salvation, it’s all quite clear.

We don’t have to drag God along for the ride.
He is always right there, to be by our side.

If you have no place to run, remember He is “The Man”
Doing things we think are for him
Instead have Him lead you by, lead you by the hand.



We don’t have to drag God along for the ride.
He is always right there, to be by our side.