Monday, July 18, 2011

Led From Above lyrics

'Led From Above' was the last song written before the major mixing/mastering month.  I think we are just about ready to send to Discmakers and upload to CDbaby and iTunes.  Hopefully soon depending on fundage and what needs to be fixed around the house.  Have a great day.


We got to be bold and strong.
Worshiping all the day long.
Do you feel it in your heart?
Hold on to it or it comes apart.

Don’t be caught off guard
Listen to Him in your heart
Fill you up with His love
We are led from above

Life is only but a vapor
Here now and then your gone
Sometimes we are not safe
Not to have that love and faith


It’s always the same ol’ thing
Looking out after ourselves
Working hard for nothing
Try to make ourselves feel better. (x2)

Grace will have us all
Lift up your hands and He will call
Give thanks to God alone
Praising Him for what He’s done


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