Tuesday, July 12, 2011

'Running' Lyrics

Well, I've spend the better part of 3 days with headphones on and I'm down to one song to finish.  At least until, I get some other ears to listen to the mix masters.  I'm going to try to finish the last song tomorrow and get several different people to listen so I can make corrections, but till then here are today's lyrics.


Sometimes it’s hard to even, get out of bed
With all the problems rolling around in my head.

I’m running, running back to You.
It’s the only thing I want to do.
I’m running, running back to you.
My belief in Christ will get me through.

Letting go seems to be the hardest
With work, church, family life is tough.


I need Christ, the world need Christ, we all need Christ (x3)
Christ is Lord.


Please help me Jesus go another day
To be the example You have set.
Let me have love for my fellow man.
Show me that You’re not done with me yet.


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