Sunday, July 31, 2011


I haven't been blogging since a family member was in the hospital.  God has worked in our lives to bless us so on to the music.  Been busy mixing and doing test mixes before sending the final CD off to the printers.  Hopefully CD will be available by August 15th.  Here are the lyrics to Soldier.


We march to beat as soldiers against the gates of hell.
Warring to get past the enemy, Satan tries to kill.
Putting off chains of disgrace, feelings that we’re dead.
Loathsome fighters, here we go to crush the enemy’s head.

I want a double portion, I want to live.
Blessing those who are in need, help me to give.
Armor of Christ, Book of life
Words of truth will heal.

Loving those who hate God’s children takes a lot of strength.
Putting off the Devil’s attack makes a soul’s restrain.
Come on you worried soldier, don’t wait for the attack.
Binding up and casting out, we need to watch our back.


I want to be a faithful servant all my day.
Serving You in all my child like ways. (x2)


We march as soldiers fighting, battle day by day.
Go we with the saints before us, don’t get in our way.
Dreading road of circumstances, here we go again.
Soldiers we are determined, steadfast and win.


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