Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Children of God

Well, I dropped off the writing as the school year started.  It's been interesting and God has let me be challenged in several ways, but here is the last song from the CD that's ready.  Anybody interested in financing a music project?  ;-)  Next blog will be about the new music since finishing the mixing of the CD.


Noah built an ark out of gopher wood,
took a hundred years to do it good.
He told the people, it’s gonna rain,
better get ready cause it looks like rain.
When the rain was hitting the ark,
the waters flowed up, covered the dock.
The people cried out, let us come in.
Noah told them to be baptized in your sin.

We are called the children of God, but don’t forget he has a chastening rod.
Listen to Him, yes, listen to Him, He will save your soul. (2x)
Save your soul.

Moses led the people out of slavery,
into the desert, so they can be free.
They started to worry, started to fret,
Pharaoh’s soldiers haven’t caught up with us yet.
When they came to the edge of the Red Sea,
they all freaked out cause the water was deep.
Moses stood on the shore with a staff in his hand. 
They all crossed the ocean, safely on dry land.


David was a man after God’s own heart.
Lusted after woman, and his life fell apart.
Had her husband killed to cover the lie.
God worked through him in spite of his crime.
Nathan came in, who was heaven sent.
He said you are that man, it’s time to repent.
So he fell on his knees, and started to pray.
God forgave him that very day.


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