Saturday, April 30, 2011

Jesus along for 'The Ride'

Next song for discussion is 'The Ride".  It basically is about how all of us who are Christians will take God "along for the ride".  None of us read the Bible enough, pray enough, or worship enough, but he loves us anyway.  He never seems to be on the 'front burner' unless we are going through trial and tribulations.  Fortunately for us, He is always right there to be by our side.  'The Ride' started out as part of a different song that did not work as planned.  The song that didn't work got switched into two songs.  The other song will be blogged about at a different time.  It's never easy to focus on Jesus first, but we all need to be reminded to try to always have God first and me second or even third.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Song 13"

I was going to write about the finished songs, but I've been working on "Song 13".  It's called that because that's what shows up on the recorder since it is not named yet.  I've got the guitar tracks done and I put down a bass line.  One of my buddies, a real bass player, is in town and will do the bass tracks.  He came over and was jamming with the song and I realized how bad of a bass player I am.  I can do the simple, ride the root, type of bass line.  I tend to forget how much a song improves with a 'real' bass player doing the track instead of me.  We should have the music finished and hopefully the other "S" of S Squared will have his words ready to do the vocals.  Then we can finally give the song a name.

Monday, April 25, 2011

All the World is Guilty

The first song that we wrote was 'All The World Is Guilty', which will probably be track 3 on the CD.  The words come directly from Romans 3:10.  That passage grabbed my attention during a Sunday night service.  We were between pastors and a guest pastor preached Romans.  When I first saw the passage, I thought it would make a great song.  It took several months to put together the song as we were recording cover songs to perform at church functions.  Once we started writing original material, it was easy to adjust the passage to the music.  We recorded the vocals over two sessions.  It took a few more than that for the guitars and bass.  The song will be one of my favorites since it was our first collaboration for the Lord.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Jesus Is The Victory

The first song available at or on iTunes is the extended version of 'Jesus Is The Victory'.  The song was originally from my first band, but I hated the words.  I recorded it for our singer and just gave it to him to write new lyrics.  There was no way that I could let him listen to the first version.  After we recorded what will be the album version, I re-recorded the song closer to what was in my head as how it should sound.  We recorded the extended version and liked both versions.  Since we won't have both versions on the CD when we finish it, we put the extended version out now to see what kind of interest it generates.  Hope people like it.

First Post of S Squared

We will be posting the thought process about creating our first CD of Christian Metal.  We have been working on creating the kind of music we like to play and honoring God at the same time.  The process has been different than when I worked on secular music.  Hopefully this will inspire some to purchase our musical tribute to God.