Saturday, June 18, 2011

From Above

The final song for the CD is just about complete.  For those who have recorded before, you know how you record something and think it sounds like crap on a stick the hear it again later and it sounds good?  That's what happened with my lead track.  I may go back and do a second one without recording over the first one just to try, but would be OK with the current one.  In doing the rhythm tracks for this, I channeled my inner Motley Crue or Lita Ford (?) or several other artists that used a version of the lick.  I'm not 100% sure how they did it, but I made mine with some dissonance on purpose as to not copy exactly.  You can tell that it is similar, but also different.  I was actually trying to write a blues song and got side tracked when I found a cool drum beat on R&B2.  It sounded almost frantic and I just went from there.

The words came together fairly rapidly.  I'll have to print them later as we did a quick vocal and words were taken home to work on, but the scratch vocal is pretty good.  The general idea is that we should trust in the Man above as we are led from above. The time is now to take advantage of His offer of grace.  Next posts will probably be the lyrics after the mixing phase is done.

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