Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lies or Why I haven't been to church recently Part 2

After our hero, the vocalist, was asked to leave the church, we have the following cast of characters that gave us the other part of the vocals for 'Lies'.  The pastor, the deacons, the backstabbers (new choir leader & husband) and former Music Minister.  The Music Minister kept the church services together while we were looking for a new pastor.  Personally, I thought the music was the best part of services.  Music Minister thought Mr. Backstabber was a friend and would talk about things that bothered him.  Mr. Backstabber would blow everything way out of proportion and tell the pastor.  The problems were caused by Backstabbers wanting more attention and a lack of communication between Pastor and Music Minister.  Pastor preaches from Matthew only, and at the time was at the take the log out of your eye and don't point out the splinter in your brother's eye.  Pastor has deacons fire Music Minister for wanting to split the church.  2 Deacons then lie about dealing with Music Minister and the rest go along.  Now, the pastor seems like a hypocrite, the deacons are OK with lying to the congregation, and my church service sucks.  The music now sucks because the music is now CD solo tracks and the ladies leading are so far apart, they can't hear their lack of harmonization.  Occasionally they accidentally sound good, but there's no one to give suggestions.  So my choices are to put up with a pastor that preaches only Matthew and bad music or find a different church.  It's sad because I like the majority of the people that still go there.

So why let the world know?  It's where the lyrics came from, it might help me heal and forgive to get it out again, and to let people know that pastors and deacons are just men like the rest of us.  They make mistakes and God cries.  Church can be a lot like high school.  There are cliques and groups.  It may not be right, but God is still in control.  Something will work out for his glory.  Maybe our next song......

Look for 'Lies' on Jango internet radio coming soon.

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