Monday, May 30, 2011

'Lies' or why I haven't been to church regularly for 6 months. Part 1

The song 'Lies' will be the first track of the CD.  I was inspired by Avenged Sevenfold's song 'Nightmare' and wanted to do something I thought could be similar.  I took some pieces from the Tempered Steel concert intro we would do and added to it.  The music was the most difficult part of the song.  Once I put together the verse chord pattern, it took the words to fit in the chorus.  Unfortunately, the words came to us all too easily.  Every Christian has had to deal with the leadership of the church.  Every Christian has had to deal with the fallout of lying church leaders.  We all have had to explain how we felt about people like Jim Baker or Jimmy Swaggart, but many deal with good people doing bad things at a local level.

My church had a new pastor for about a year at the time we did this song.  At that time, he started making some changes and doing things that were not popular.  We lost a large percent of the congregation with the decisions made by the leadership.  Our pastor tries to say the church puts families first, then they close the preschool.  They say family first, but when the singer had marriage problems, he was asked to leave.  It's probable that things would have ended up the same, but it didn't look like they were putting family first.  It looked like a side was chosen.  Part of the words are directly from his experience.   The leaders of the church had said how much they missed him, but didn't show any Christian attitude.  They will still ask me how he's doing when I show up, but no one has ever called to ask him directly.

Next time, the rest of the words and hopefully some healing.

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