Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Soldier (of God)

I was trying to channel my inner Megadeth while writing the music of 'Soldier'.  I had been listening to the song 'Angry Again' and we used to play 'Peace Sells' during my days in Tempered Steel.  The song refers to the battle all Christians have against Satan.  The Bible mentions the armor that we put on through reading and knowing the Word.  It is hard to love those who hate us for being Christians, but the Bible says that we have to love our enemy.  We also need to remember that giving is part of the Christian life.  It takes a long time to grow up in Christ.

I tried to give the solo a different feel.  My buddy A.C. Nakagawa reminded me that changing the scales can give a different feel to the music.  I added a little harmonic minor to my solo for some flavor.  I need to remember to insert some different scales than just the basic blues to the music so all the songs don't sound the same.

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