Monday, May 16, 2011

Song 13 is now "Children Of God"

After the last songwriting session, the words came together for 'Children of God'.  We may change the title since there is currently another song titled 'Children of God' by the band Third Day.  That may not make a difference.  There are a bunch of songs called 'Blessed be the Name', so similar titles mean nothing.  The tune came from putting a drum patch that we don't use much and jamming with it.  It was a jazz fusion patch and we tend to use the rock/heavy patches.

The songs verses are about Noah, Abraham, and David.  God worked through them, even though they worried and sinned.  We are all the children of God and he can work through us if he could work through murders and doubters.  It also reminds that he will correct us if we get too far away from His will.  

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